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We recommend the following Internet sites, which provide excellent coverage of the topics of Google Earth, Google Maps and Street View.

A fantastic collection of impressive images from the "doppelganger world" Street View (by Jon Rafman)

Do you know the world?
Guess where the Street View pictures were taken.
Great Street View game.

Ascii Street View
In ASCII Street, the Canadian developer Peter Nitsch manipulates the Street View images with figures and letters - resulting in optical fireworks!

A unique way of sending greetings. geoGreeting replaces your letters with buildings of a similar shape from all over the world.

GEFS is a free Internet flight simulator integrated into Google Earth.
Familiarise yourself with the aeroplane controls and set off on a 3D journey through the Google Earth World.

Flightradar24 enables you to view air traffic over Europe, North America and other parts of the world. You have access to aircraft and flight route data!

Hello world
The Google information site for Google Maps.
Includes a detailed description of the Google Maps Features and a timeline on the development of Google Maps.

The AirPano project shows spectacular high-resolution 3D aerial panoramas of selected world locations.

quikmaps.com enables you to develop and label your own Google Maps. The resulting maps can be saved or exported to Google Earth.