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Street View is encouraging people all over the world to commit all kinds of humorous, artistic and controversial ideas to video. Here are some films to watch and enjoy.

Street With A View
The art project Street With A View was the brainchild of Ben Kinsley and Robin Hewlett and shows (almost) everyday scenes from life in Sampsonia Way/Pittsburgh (USA).
The inhabitants of the street and the city appear in both a normal and spectacular guise in the "doppelganger world" of Google Street View.
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Best of Street View
A collection of great and curious photographs from all over the world

The dead girl and the story behind the story
In August 2008, a Street View car travelling along Middle Road in Worcester (England) photographed a girl lying face down on the pavement and appearing to be dead.
What had happened? Had a crime taken place?
Fortunately, the local authorities were able to discover that the girl in the picture was alive and well. She said that she had not noticed the Street View car. She had stumbled whilst playing with friends and had thought it would be funny to "play dead".

Build your own Google Street View Car!
The group Free Art and Technology Lab (FAT Lab) carried out an unsettlingly witty provocative act at the Transmediale 2010 in Berlin in order to comment on the Street View recordings.
Die F.A.T. activists constructed a deceptively familiar Street View car, which they then drove through the city. Scenes were then deliberately staged by the fake Street View drivers to irritate and provoke passers-by.
The following video shows the F.A.T. action in Berlin and the prize award ceremony at the Transmediale 2010.

F.A.T. Lab: Fuck Google Week Wrap Up from Evan Roth on Vimeo

A journey to the Pacific Coast with Street View
A toy robot goes on a journey through the USA to the Pacific Ocean.

A great memo-motion film of a racetrack
Google Street View photographed the "Laguna Seca Raceway" near Monterey.
The film shows two very fast laps of the track.

Memo-motion film on the motorway
Speeding through the Italian Alps towards Villach on the A23 motorway (Austria).

Errors in Google Street View
What remains private? What becomes public?
A cryptic satire!